5 tips for dining out in Summer 2020

5 tips for dining out in Summer 2020

1. Book ahead

With restaurant capacity being almost halved in some cases, many are taking booking’s only. Therefore, make sure to book ahead to avoid disappointment.

2. Don’t double book

As the pandemic has thrown much difficulty at the hospitality industry, many restaurants can simply not afford to deal with “no shows”.

Earlier this month, elite chef, Rick Stein, reported that his family business experienced 967 no shows within 11 days of reopening. This resulted in their group losing a shocking £46,000 in under two weeks.

If there is a chance you may need to cancel your booking, ensure you do so as early as possible.

3. Adhere to social distancing guidelines

Where possible, it is a great option to choose to eat outdoors. However, restaurants are aiming to be very strict about how people are seated inside, and ensuring tables are separated apart as much as possible.

Ensure you maintain space between yourself and other restaurant guests, and avoid shouting, hugging or touching anyone else.

4. Bring with necessary hygiene equipment

While restaurants are not insisting that you wear facemasks and gloves, if taking public transport, it is important to be wearing face coverings. Additionally, remember to bring with hand sanitisers and continue to wash your hands where possible and necessary.

5.  Remember to bring your contactless card  

Restaurants are mostly insisting on going cashless and where possible, with many encouraging customers pay with their contactless card, or via mobile contactless payment.

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