77% of Brits are still unhappy with the colour of their teeth

As Margot Robbie, Meryl Streep and their fellow Oscar nominees prepare to take centre stage on the red carpet, new research from teeth whitening specialists White Glo, reveals what Brits really think when they admire their favourite celebrities style.

The glamorous outfits and flawless smiles turn heads on the red carpet, and pages in the papers, with their coveted style being admired by many. However, 68% of 18-34 year olds believe a celebrity style is not achievable on a budget and for well over a third (38%), looking at photos of celebrities and their white smiles, even makes them feel inadequate in comparison.

Despite results being easily achievable, 77% of Brits are still unhappy with the colour of their teeth and over a quarter (26%) claim the colour of their teeth stops them from smiling.

While celebrities have unlimited resources to perfect their smiles, teeth whitening is no longer reserved for the silver screen. White Glo’s in house dental expert, Jordan Kirk, explains “Getting quick and effective results does not necessarily require spending thousands at the dentist.

A regular hygiene routine, with an effective whitening toothpaste, can bring about visible change in just a few days. Look for one which contains the same ingredients the dentists would use, and you’ll be surprised with the results you are able to achieve.”

When it comes to selecting the best product for that at home glow, Jordan gives important advice “There is a tendency for people to believe that the more expensive the product, the better the results, but this is simply not the case. Most of the high street brands available contain similar ingredients, so instead of looking at price I would advise considering which product is going to fit in with your lifestyle. For example, a whitening kit which requires you to keep a tray in your mouth for half an hour is going to add time on to your dental routine, which won’t suit those with a busy lifestyle. It is better to choose a product which fits in to your routine, like White Glo’s Diamond Series kit which works in five minutes, so you can use it while you shower. It’s all about finding the product which you can stick to, as that is how you are going to see results.”

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