A Fifth Of Brits Wouldn’t Pick The Same Partner Again If Given The Choice!

It turns out ‘til death do us part’ doesn’t ring true for everybody as one in five (20%) Brits admit they would be unlikely to pick the same partner if they ever got
the chance to re-do their marriage or relationship.

The research conducted by
Paddy Power
Games, questioned Brits on their relationship regrets, finding two in five (40%) people feel they have settled with their current partner. It’s
also the younger generations who are most likely to feel like they’ve made a mistake choosing their current partner with 12% of Gen Z’s agreeing – ouch!

The topic of choosing a different partner features in the new ‘Life
with More Chances’ TV ad by Paddy Power Games, which sees model Abbey Clancy consider life without her husband, as she’s captured on camera
snuggling up with ex-Eastenders star Shaun Williamson (Barry). The new advert is closer to home than first imagined with one in 10 (10%) Gen Z’s (18 to 24 years old) and millennials (25 to 34 years old) admitting they often fantasize about being with a different

There is also a long list of things Brits would change about their current partner if they got the chance. Nearly one in five (16%) people crave more sex in their relationship,
rising to nearly a quarter (22%) of male only respondents. Other changes coupled-up Brits would like to see include:

I’d like them to do more around the house – 17%
I’d like us to have more sex – 16%
I’d like them to be more affectionate – 16%
I’d like them to be better with money – 15%
I’d like them to be nicer – 11%

If that isn’t enough to make you feel bad, nosey Brits can’t let go of their exes admitting they check up on their social media accounts at least once every 64 days.
This increases drastically for men who confess to looking at what their ex is up to at least once a month (every 30 days), compared to every 92 days for women.

The cheeky Irish entertainment brand also revealed why Brits feel the need to look at what their exes are doing, reasons include:

I’m nosey and want to see what they are up to – 31%
I miss them – 15%
I want to check in on their family – 14%
I want to see who they are now dating – 13%
I want to see if they are miserable without me – 13%
I want to make sure they are not as successful as me – 12%

A Paddy Power Games spokesperson said:
“It’s impossible to live life without any regrets so it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that one of the areas where Brits feel most regretful is their relationships and choice of partner. Even Kim K has come out to express feelings of regret towards her relationship
with Pete Davidson.

“Despite Abbey getting the chance to see what life would be like should she have turned down Peter all those years ago, we’re pleased the duo wouldn’t want to do life
with anyone else.”

As for Abbey Clancy, when asked if she would consider a change of mind if given a second chance, she said: “I would marry Peter again and again. We renewed our vows last
Christmas in the Maldives with our family and closest friends. But, if I could go back to 20 years ago, I’d make sure to teach him how to cook and clean a bit better!”  

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