All-in-one kids camera and 10-second instant print Wi-Fi portable label printer creating waves around the world!

myFirst, a kids tech collection by Oaxis in Singapore has launched their latest product, the myFirst Insta Wi.

The myFirst Insta Wi, is the latest launch from myfirst and follows on from the hugely successful myFirst Camera Insta 2. The myFirst Insta Wi is a 12MP digital camera that also has a rear and wide-angle selfie lens. The camera can turn snaps into instant prints in just 10 seconds. The prints are sharp, clear, and quick. This makes the Insta Wi the fastest instant print camera on the market.

The Wi has a selfie camera which is above its 2.4” bright IPS screen, myFirst Insta Wi allows for amazing selfies and snap. It also takes full HD videos. Which makes it stand apart from the vast majority of instant print cameras. It prints on low-cost thermal paper or even thermal sticker paper. The WI clearly goes toe to toe with the heavy hitters of instant printing but pulls ahead on the value for money. Each print costs around less than a cent or penny to do.

With the added Wi-fi feature it comes with a range of labels allowing printouts in a range of styles and sizes and the ability to print anytime, anyplace. It comes with a dedicated app and the camera is able to customize labels by drawing, or text, or symbols. The Insta Wi can be used everywhere from, home, school, office or park.

The myFirst Camera Wi will redefine the way we use instant printing cameras and label printer. This is the first time these two features are in one device, making it one of the most useful household devices. It is great for instant print photos, office and book labeling, organization, and cute decorations and stickers.

The myFirst Insta Wi comes with a memory card slot so photos taken can be saved and printed into color photographs at the user’s leisure and also labels are designed so they can be reused and printed in your own time. Unlike conventional label printers, the myFirst Insta Wi is lightweight, allowing it to be carried around easily.

Ideal for the whole family and especially great for children the camera is an all-in-one kids’ camera and portable printer that combines an instant print digital camera with a portable printer.

The myFirst Insta Wi costs just £59 on Kickstarter. It will be available on myFirst.Tech

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