As the demand for Male Eye Surgery rises fast: Try IRÄYE’s Eye Revive Cream for instantly brighter eyes

According to a recent report, targeted eye treatments that banish dark circles and puffiness in an instant are trending, with rising demand among men over 35. When it comes to signs of ageing, tiredness and stress, the eye contour is the first area of concern, and as men increasingly embrace self care they are seeking results that banish dark circles and puffiness in an instant. Consumer research found that regardless of whether they are skin savvy or a novice when it comes to skincare, men will always mention their under-eyes.

In fact, clinics are witnessing rising numbers of men opting for blepharoplasty – surgery that addresses overt hooding or puffiness of the tissues around the eye and reduces or removes bagginess in the eyelid region. In 2022, BAAPS data revealed a 105% hike for men’s blepharoplasty procedures versus 2021, higher than women’s (+70%).
So it is no surprise the demand for targeted eye creams is steeply on the rise as a quick eye fix, which is why I wanted to share with you IRÄYE, and their multi-awarding winning Eye Revive Cream.

The Eye Revive Cream, £86, available from

This one-of-a-kind eye cream actively reduces inflammation, whilst brightening and tightening the eyes for long-lasting radiance. Designed to transform your eyes by boosting lymphatic activity to depuffed, brighten and tighten tired eyes. For the first time, the IRÄYE Eye Revive Cream works to combat inflammation by activating the lymphatic system topically, with the groundbreaking Lymphactive™ Complex. Working to enhance micro-circulation, reduce water retention and deeply repair lymph vessels to reverse the visible appearance of eye bags.

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