Biggest sports betting losses of all time

When betting on a game, the idea is always the same: to win. There is always a betting site without verification, where you do not have to be subject to credit checks and the ability to use cryptocurrencies. Winning the easy way is great, but what if you lose?

Below we will tell you about some of the biggest losses in sports betting history.

Sporting events are significant occasions where players need to feel the betting rush and the thrill of winning a large amount of cash, and Bettors often look for every advantage to gain an edge over the bookie. Nevertheless, when you play big, great losses can lead to situations one may never recover from, as we will see in one particular story. The sense of risk and overconfidence in your favourite sports teams and players is what entices and draws many people towards sports betting in the first place. Although it is important to remember that certain games are not worth playing, some losses are too big to recover from quickly.

We hope that once you read these stories and learn about some of these immense losses, you learn from these experiences and think twice before placing bets too big for you to handle. You might be familiar with some of these unfortunate bettors, one case in particular that just might surprise you.

Vegas Dave’s Women’s Bantamweight Loss

In the first place, we have David Oancea’s loss–alias Vegas Dave. This well-known bettor is known for uploading information about his bets on his Instagram account, particularly about his large wins. He was a boastful bettor who liked to brag about his big earnings until one day in 2016 when he was forced to eat his words.

When he bet one million dollars on female MMA champion Miesha “Cupcake” Tate at the UFC 200, he probably expected to see a large sum in return for this heavy investment. However, it only took three minutes and sixteen seconds into the first round against Amanda Nunes for Tate to go down with a rear-naked choke that left her KO. This ended up with Tate losing her Bantamweight belt and Vegas Dave a million dollars.

Although this million-dollar loss would have been enough to make anyone despair, Dave seemed to take this event in his stride. He appeared to be more concerned about Tate’s broken nose than his millionaire loss. Clearly, he took the loss with class and sportsmanship, so kudos to him.

Birdman’s Betting Crash

Hip Hop stars are well known for their big mouths, big egos, and sometimes, big bets. One example of Hip Hop artist Birdman, who lost a substantial amount in the Super Bowl, not once but twice. It looks like a single blunder was not enough for this happy chappy, who decided he wanted to double up the loss.

Being a lifelong New England Patriots fan and with complete confidence in his team’s ability to win the XLVI Super Bowl, he professed to be willing to put five million dollars on the Pats. However, this ended up being a bluff. Instead, Birdman decided to make a smaller one million dollar bet on the same game against 50 Cent. This was a colossal failure when the New York Giants won a resounding victory.

This should have been enough to make some people think twice before making another bet, but not for Birdman. He decided to get back into the betting scene on Instagram at Super Bowl LII. Showcasing another display of immense trust in his beloved Patriots, he bet a hundred thousand dollar bet against Philadelphia rapper AR-Ab’s Philadelphia Eagles. And ‘‘second verse, same as the first’’, Birdman would lose yet another time.

Matthew Webb lost the ultimate bet

To finish this section, we cannot forget the ultimate sports bettor who made a one-in-a-lifetime gamble, showing how dangerous gambling can be. British daredevil Matthew Webb was a prodigy during the 1800s, rising to fame when he swam across the English Channel. He made a living by placing various bets and completing various swimming challenges. His four hundred pounds winnings by swimming 74 hours straight were noteworthy. 

He took one of the greatest challenges of his life when money began to run out after moving to America in 1881. He bet that he would swim across the whirlpool of Niagara Falls. With a bet of ten thousand dollars on the line, Webb jumped into Niagara Falls, and this would prove to be a challenge too big for him. 

Regardless of money and reputation losses, no loss is as big as the loss of your own life, and Webb definitely took the cake.

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