Bluffing Your Way in Ballet at Edinburgh Fringe


A unique company of professional dancers and actors – Seizing the Day – brings its popular sell out show, Bluffing Your Way in Ballet to the Edinburgh Fringe this year. The show pirouettes its fast-paced and humorous way through the intrigue, tragedy, and magical history of ballet which will appeal to everyone, regardless of their level of interest (or not) in dance. And why is it unique? The company’s founder and lead dancer/ballerina, Alexandra Pickford, is in her 70s and many of the dancers and actors are also in their dotage! But they’re unstoppable, very funny, and very professional!

The wonderful diva, Alexandra, once danced with The Royal Ballet and English National Ballet and with some of the galaxy of famous stars brought to life in the show. Bluffing Your Way in Ballet will portray some ballet greats including the flamboyant Louis 14th, who helped create ballet’s 5 positions of the feet, the fated Isadora Duncan, the incredibly athletic Václav Nijinsky, perfect partners Margot Fonteyn and Rudolph Nureyev, Darcy Bussell, made even more famous by TV’s Strictly and many more. Alexandra is delighted to share the gossip and reality of her own experiences with you, including some spicy backstage stories!

Alexandra is still an incredible and athletic dancer and is very excited to be bringing Bluffing Your Way to the Fringe. People of all ages and backgrounds have loved this production so don’t miss this humorous and entertaining Show.

Says Alexandra; ‘I founded Seizing the Day Dance and Theatre company in 2022 as a way of ensuring that mature professional dancers and actors kept their talent alive, proving that they could still provide exciting entertainment. And, after the recent body shaming of dancers in top ballet schools I felt it was important to show that dancers don’t have to be as painfully thin as in the past.’

Alexandra is pleased that younger dancers get better care and attention including career advice, counselling, and kindness to name a few changes – all missing in her own career. Bluffing Your Way in Ballet will be on at The Space @ Venue 45 at 3.05pm. Tickets:

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