Brit technology social enterprise in Socialbox.Biz in UK Tech Awards gong

Socialbox.Biz Trading Enterprises, a UK-based technology social enterprise venture dedicated to obtaining, preparing, and handing over laptops to the homeless, elderly, and refugees in the UK today, this week was nominated for the Best Use of Tech in Digital Economy Award from the forthcoming 2017 UK Tech Awards, sponsored and supported by PwC and the London Stock Exchange.

The UK tech awards 2017 celebrates success, rewards achievement and is helping to significantly raise the profile of the UK tech community.

“As a social enterprise company dedicated to using technology to provide an accessible way for society’s marginalised members to crawl out from the shadows via technology, we are incredibly thrilled to have been nominated for such a distinguished award,” said Peter Paduh, Chairman of SocialBox.Biz.

Though SocialBox.Biz furthers cloud-based technologies, their focus is providing access to technology to those who need it most to improve their lives, harnessing tech for bettering the UK community. Chairman, Peter Paduh, heads a number of socially focused ventures put in place by added, “This is an exciting time. We provide a holistic approach where everyone wins. As a social venture, we deliver a new generation of solutions to many pressing business issues and turn them into opportunities for local communities where we live. Our goal is to help make a positive impact on our society and we’ve pledged the majority of profits to towards social causes like supporting refugees into economic activity, putting computers into homeless centers and integrating technology into centers for the elderly.”

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