The Brit Tycoon in Page 3 resurrection talks heads to Cyprus

The British tycoon vowing to resurrect the Page 3 brand is heading off to Cyprus this morning on yet ANOTHER jolly, it’s really a hard life isn’t it !

Damien Morley raised eyebrows last month after telling print outlet Essex Magazine he hopes to resurrect the risqué brand formerly included in the The Sun. The feature often wowed with a tasteful selection of a topless, bare-breasted female glamour model!

Pictured: Brit tycoon Damien Morley

Morley teased his 80,000 strong Twitter army tweeting “Next stop Cyprus, 7 days on the grind!”

In another snap posted in the early hours of the morning he shared his choice of breakfast “Airport breakfast #sushilife”

Morley is being tipped as the only man capable of relaunching Page 3 or something similar as he is the owner of Girl Management a leading boutique management company which already represents former Page 3 models and UK’s top glamour models.

It’s unknown what his Cypriot jolly is in benefit of, reports have noted that Cyprus magazine Omikron could be up for sale.

Morley reps have been contacted by The Daily Brit for comment.

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