Cambridge Quakers have cancelled speaker critical of Israel

After a complaint by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Cambridge Quakers have withdrawn
permission for a speaker critical of Israel and Zionism to use their meeting room. A talk by the author of a book called State of Terror, published by Skyscraper Publications, is due to take place in Cambridge this
Thursday (May 11th) and will now be at a different venue.

The publisher, Karl Sabbagh, said: “This is the second time in a month that a talk by the author, Thomas Suàrez, has been targeted by supporters of
Israel. A talk he gave in Portsmouth faced a similar cancellation and had to find another meeting place. I
suppose it is a kind of ‘badge of honour’ that Israel’s supporters want to suppress Suàrez’s research into terror by Jewish groups in Palestine in the 1940s.

He has uncovered documents, some of them previously classified, in the National Archives, which show the extent to which those Jews who wanted to turn the Arab state of Palestine into a wholly Jewish state were prepared to kill British, Arab and even Jewish citizens of Palestine who disagreed”

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