Carl Woods denies split from Katie Price, says they are to marry

KATIE Price’s fiancé Carl Woods has revealed that the couple are planning to get married and dismissed reports that they have split.

In an exclusive interview this evening with Mark Dolan on GB News (Sunday evening), Carl said that he had decided to speak out to end speculation about their relationship.

Asked if they were still engaged, he said: “When I left the house earlier she still had the ring on, so I’m hoping when I get back it’s still there.

He slammed suggestions that the couple had split: “Complete lies. The truth never sells, is what I’ve learned. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life.

“Unfortunately for Katie, she doesn’t have any different and I know what it’s like to have a normal life.

“When these things are happening, it’s just completely and utterly unfair. And what it is, is we’re living in a society now where people really believe in this stuff.”

Asked if the pair planned to marry, Carl said: “Course. She’s lovely.”

He joked that he wanted to borrow Mark’s Toyota Prius for the wedding, though Mark said he suspected it would be a white Bentley.

On media coverage of their relationship, Carl said: “They’re designed as mild entertainment, let’s be right, but people are taking that mild entertainment now and taking it to the next level and people are losing their lives over it and that’s not cool.”

He said: “Everybody’s got feelings and I’m lucky because I walked into Kate stuff and I’m thick-skinned and there isn’t really much that that gets to me but even me at the weekend – it just went too far for me.

“If you’re not thick-skinned, I can see why people are taking their own lives over this stuff.”

Carl said Katie has suffered: “Let’s not forget I live with a woman that’s had this for years and years and years and has been mentally damaged by it and really it’s just not fair. It’s not fair and it’s not right.”

Asked if he realised what an icon Katie was when they started their relationship, he said: “I’m not going to lie. I knew what an icon she was, of course, I’m sure we all did.”

He added: “I’ve never ever followed celebrity life so I never had any expectations. All I saw was ‘she’s fit’ and it was as far as that.

“Then when I got to know her, there’s no guy in this country that when Katie Price wants to meet you, you’re not going to say no.”

Commenting on his time on Love Island, he said: “It was less than five minutes, so I think I hold the record for being in there for the least amount of time, but I’m okay with that.

“And thank you for mentioning that. I do actually have a proper job.”

He explained that he is a car dealer: “I do love old cars, always have, but what I did was I actually bought my first house and the day my mortgage completed, I quit my job.

“That’s when I started my business because I was knackered when I had to make it work, so that’s what I did, pressure was on.”

Carl said that he has come to hate older cars because of their unreliability: “They conk out, they overheat, they’re a nightmare.

“They look great but those types of cars, all you can do is put them in your living room, if you’re lucky and have got a massive living room, and just look at them.

“They are good for nothing.”

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