Carrier bags, nappies and socks: The weird things used instead of masks

Some people are ignoring safety advice drummed into them since childhood and are wearing plastic bags over their heads as Covid-19 face masks.

Since wearing one has become law in a bid to combat the virus, face masks have become just as essential as making sure you wear underwear when you leave the house, one health and safety company says. But some people ARE wearing underwear, just over their faces.

It turns out that not everyone is opting to wear a bog-standard mask when they are out and about, and has found there are many weird and wonderful substitutes being used as PPE.

“People have become really creative when trying to follow face mask guidelines,” says Mark Hall, company spokesman for risk assessment company

“For some people, anything goes. And we mean anything.”

Carrier bags, nappies, and socks – oh my!

In January, we could hazard a guess and say that unless it was job-specific, owning or wearing a face mask didn’t even cross your mind.

But at this point in the pandemic, we have all become accustomed to seeing people wearing face masks everywhere we go that many of us have begun to not even really notice it anymore.

That is until we spot someone trying their best to blend in at the supermarket with something that is quite obviously not a regular mask on their face.

So, what has been the weirdest and wonderful thing someone has tried to pass off as regular PPE during this pandemic?

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