When it comes to Millionaire CEOs London is leading the charge

Research conducted by Compello, an educator in business innovation recently confirmed that when it comes to Millionaire CEOs London is leading the charge. The study highlighted that the city of London is home to the largest number of millionaire CEOs, followed by San Francisco and New York coming in at second and third place respectively.

As well as investigating the spread of the CEO population across the globe, the research also went on to identify the characteristics of a ‘typical’ millionaire CEO. The researchers concluded that the average CEO with millionaire status is a 58-year-old male, however on learning this sales and marketing firm AJG Direct has spoken out about how their industry is working hard to break this mould and help young CEOs reach financial success faster.

AJG Direct believes the city of London is a great hub for young success and the firm is currently working with a huge network of talented young business owners and aspiring CEOs. Offering one on one mentorship, business leadership training and skill workshops the firm is committed to supporting young sales and marketing professionals in their progression and giving them the tools to build sustainable and successful businesses.

In their research into the typical CEO, Compello unearthed that contrary to popular believe 50 percent of Millionaire CEOs are self-made, with only 38 percent having gained the position through acquiring a salaried position. Furthermore, just 7 percent of millionaire CEOs acquired their wealth and success through family money and just 5 percent through inheritance.

AJG Direct is adamant that this research has the power to inspire a new wave of entrepreneurs and CEOs and proves that hard work and dedication is the key to professional success. ‘there is a misconception that to be successful; you need money. However, this research has definitively proved that this is not the case, that the vast majority of people have created their success from scratch and that with the right attitude and mindset anything is possible’ stated a spokesperson for AJG Direct.

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