Crafting Comfort: Wildash Bespoke Debuts to Transform Your Personal Space with Custom Sheepskin

Wildash London, a pioneer in sustainable home decor specialising in premium ethical sheepskin products, is proud to announce the official launch of ‘Wildash Bespoke’ – a bespoke service that redefines luxury by crafting custom sheepskin items tailored to the individual tastes and desires of its discerning clientele.

With a history of providing exceptional, hands-on customer service since its inception in 2012, Wildash London has catered to a diverse range of B2B customers, including architects, interior designers, contract furniture businesses and hotels, as well as retail markets. The launch of Wildash Bespoke is a testament to the brand’s commitment to meeting the growing demand for personalised home decor and fashion pieces that don’t just fill spaces, but tell stories.

“From the outset, our vision at Wildash London has always revolved around connecting with our customers on a profound level. Our bespoke service’s official launch reinforces our commitment to offering not just a product, but an experience. Each piece isn’t just a testament to luxury but to the individual’s personal journey and taste,” remarks Nisa Berzeg, Founder of Wildash London.

About Wildash London: Wildash London is renowned for blending traditional craftsmanship with modern design to create sustainable, luxurious sheepskin products. The company’s ethos of sustainability and ethical sourcing is as foundational as its dedication to quality and beauty. Each product from Wildash is a statement piece, embodying both opulence and responsible luxury.

Wildash Bespoke – Where Luxury Meets Unique Design: Wildash Bespoke goes beyond the conventional, offering customers the chance to co-create pieces that are as unique as they are. The bespoke service includes a range of customisable items such as rugs, throws, pouffes, seat pads, upholstered pieces and beyond. The only limit is within the mind. Whether it’s an extravagantly enormous sheepskin beanbags, or a specially designed rug, the artisans at Wildash are eager to bring the visions of their clients to life. With meticulous attention to detail, specialist tanners and craftsmen select and match the finest materials to ensure that each bespoke piece is a singular work of art.

The Bespoke Process – A Journey of Creation: The bespoke process is as unique as the products it births. Clients can now officially commission sheepskin items ranging from rugs and throws of any size, style and colour to more specialised creations like custom shaped rugs, Alice in Wonderland style pouffes, seat pads and sheepskin upholstered furniture. With Wildash’s specialist tanners meticulously matching colours and textures to exact client specifications, the result is a singular, unmatched piece of luxury.

“Though we’ve always embraced custom orders and unique requests, this official launch underscores our dedication to bring tailored luxury to the forefront of our offerings. We’ve ventured into uncharted territories with our custom creations before, and as always, we’re ready for any challenge our customers bring forth. This is the really fun part of the job!” adds Nisa

Potential clients, both homeowners and those from the trade, are encouraged to explore the limitless possibilities the bespoke service offers. With a promise to assist and guide even those in search of a single, unique sheepskin, the Wildash London experience ensures that every individual finds or crafts their heart’s desire.

Artisanal Excellence: At the core of Wildash Bespoke is a team of experienced artisans who uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship. With decades of combined experience, these artisans ensure that every bespoke piece is not only luxurious but also a testament to skilled workmanship.

For Every Space, A Masterpiece: Wildash Bespoke is not just for individual customers; it also presents an incredible opportunity for businesses looking to elevate their environment with custom-designed sheepskin pieces. From boutique hotels seeking to create an ambiance of exclusivity to design firms aiming to impress with one-of-a-kind statement pieces, Wildash Bespoke offers an unparalleled level of customisation.

Embark on a Bespoke Journey: Wildash London invites those who seek the exceptional to reach out and begin their journey towards creating a personalised piece of luxury. With Wildash Bespoke, your vision of lavish comfort becomes a tangible reality.

“Sustainability is the cornerstone of Wildash London. By officially launching Wildash Bespoke, we invite our customers to join us in a movement that celebrates the beauty of natural materials, artistry and individual expression, all while honouring the beautiful planet we live on.”

– Nisa Berzeg, Founder, Wildash London

About Wildash London: Wildash London is a sustainable luxury brand specialising in sheepskin and home decor products. Founded on the principles of ethical sourcing and innovative design, Wildash has been a bastion of British craftsmanship and global ecological standards since 2012.

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