Designer Marie Nancarrow establishes herself as one to watch

by Joanna Andr || Features 

Marie Nancarrow, a fashion designer from Belfast has established herself as one to watch, last year saw her wow crowds at fashions shows – 2018 could be a big year for the designer.

Marie is known for her brand TitanicDenim which turns old jeans into fabulous bespoke pieces. The handmade ethical and eco friendly clothes have received various acclaim.

Marie a single mum of two beautiful kids tells me “I stayed at home to look after my kids and just got back into it naturally and without thinking it would become a business.” 

Marie who previously studied textiles and fashion in college and then moved to Italy where she lived for 8 years still managed to follow her biggest passion of creating clothes.

Marie tells me “My motivation is to be a boss of my own to work around the kids as a single mum.”

An inspiration to all single mums!

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