DPPM Holdings’s CEO announced a 1 million dollar scholarship fund

DPPM Holdings’s CEO Mr. Alireza Dehghan announced a 1 Million dollar fund for scholarships to Middle eastern students From the following countries for studying Abroad in UK,USA,FRANCE,GERMANY,TURKEY

Eligible countries are as follow:

United Arab Emirates,Qatar,Kuwait,Bahrain,Saudi Arabia

Surprisingly, It was announced that these partial scholarships won’t be based on a student’s GPA or transcripts But will be based on a students VISION and Motivation on Studying abroad in that specific country or University With that Subject.

When asked from Mr. Dehghan about that he explained “You know , the most successful people on the face of the earth who basically made the world as we know it by now ,didn’t work on GPA or education Richard Branson,Mark Zukerberg,Bill gates, warren buffet or Steve jobs , in general , It was Ideas,Motivation And a Vision (where as a Steve Banon or Donald Trump who went to Wharton or Harvard and look at the world now),and this was my case as well , i didn’t have quite the GPA or the school, but LOOK AT ME NOW”

Student can study in English, French an German and choose ANY subject from Medicine Law Business to fashion and design in over 2000 Public and private Partner Universities and colleges of Bridge to the west schools in France Germany USA,UK and Turkey.

Applicants have to be a citizen of the mentioned countries applying to study in the announced countries using Bridge to the west and they should submit a 300-500 letter of motivation to bridge to the west when applying and a scholarship application form, if granted it will be a partial tuition waiver of bridge to the west plus a complete fee waiver and there is also no application fee.

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