DrLupo and Code Ninjas unite to empower communities – one line of code at a time

For nearly half a decade, Code Ninjas has been at the forefront of nurturing the next generation of tech maestros across the UK. Their journey transcends mere coding education – it is a heartfelt commitment to enriching communities through varied and meaningful endeavours.

A prime example of this ethos was the recent Hack-A-Thon – a spirited coding contest that sparked creativity while making a tangible difference through its charitable efforts. The event featured DrLupo, a renowned online streamer, who brought life to the competition by live-streaming and judging the final rounds.

His involvement did not end there – a special giveaway, supporting the Build Against Cancer live stream, offered five lucky coders free access to this year’s Code Ninjas summer camps, highlighting the brand’s dedication to broadening coding horizons for young people.

“Working alongside DrLupo was a delightful and insightful experience. His contribution to selecting the winners and his generosity in the summer camp giveaway truly encapsulated the spirit of community and collaboration,” said Matt Rogers, Chief Marketing Officer at Code Ninjas. “Our summer camps, including innovative programmes like JR Inventors Workshop and Coding Arcade Tycoon, epitomise our commitment to making coding both accessible and exhilarating. These initiatives also underline the synergistic potential between gaming and educational spheres in inspiring young minds.”

In the UK, Code Ninjas centres are hotbeds of local innovation and change, exemplified by centre owners Robin Theakston and Charlie Gunn at Code Ninjas Aylesbury and High Wycombe. Their focus? To make coding education accessible and provide opportunities for all children, irrespective of background.

“We were thrilled to host a free session for kids in the local area to experience the incredible curriculum Code Ninjas provides,” explained Robin. “In today’s evolving digital landscape, ensuring that our kids can navigate the technological world has never been more important.

“Learning to code at our dojo goes beyond just engaging with technology – it’s about arming kids with skills that will empower them in life. The skills acquired through coding influence how children approach problem-solving, decision-making and other tasks in various aspects of life. Our free 90-minute session offers kids a taste of what it’s like to be a ninja at Code Ninjas and allows parents to witness the immediate and future benefits of these valuable skills.”

Beyond coding, teams across the country are deeply invested in community welfare. A testament to this, the Code Ninjas Enfield team organised a fundraising drive during the festive period to support local families in need. Similarly, the Code Ninjas Newbury team has been actively engaging with youth groups and supporting local sports – demonstrating their dedication to holistic community engagement.

“Here at Code Ninjas Newbury, our commitment to offering free evening sessions for local youth groups and sponsoring our local rugby club is deeply rooted in our belief that community engagement is as essential as coding education,” said Marcus Brind, owner of Code Ninjas Newbury. “We recognise that fostering an inclusive environment and supporting local initiatives go hand in hand with our mission to empower the next generation of tech enthusiasts. We take pride in being more than a coding centre – we’re an integral part of the community, and this commitment is at the core of everything we do.”

For Matt and the entire Code Ninjas network, the mission is clear: “Our commitment extends well beyond our centres. We believe in creating wider positive impacts through local initiatives, free sessions and summer camps. Our network of centres is encouraged to partake in community-building, understanding that the community’s betterment is integral to our vision of empowering future tech leaders.”

Discover your nearest Code Ninjas at www.codeninjas.co.uk

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