fit4thefight and fibodo partner with benefit management specialists, Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill, an exclusive member benefits platform, has partnered with fit4thefight and fibodo to give its clients and their members access to personal trainer and fitness classes, bolstering its fitness and wellbeing offering.

fit4thefight, powered by fibodo, is an initiative created to help fitness professionals offer their classes to their clients, and anyone in their local community, ahead of gyms and studios reopening. Allowing consumers to maintain their fitness, and PTs to maintain their business, as lockdown measures are eased.

The fitness marketplace, and strategic partner of ukactive, has pledged to donate all proceeds from its bookings to the NHS, as the country recovers from the economic impact of COVID-19.

Parliament Hill’s client base includes over 90 member organisations, including major institutions and associations such as trade unions, colleges, mutuals. clubs and royal societies. Its client base has a combined membership of over 4 million people. Each of those members can access bespoke one-to-one and small group training sessions to stay motivated, keep fit and have fun.

This partnership will allow Parliament Hill clients’ members to gain exclusive access to personalised consultations, one to one, or group fitness sessions across the UK with discount codes and offers being made available to members.

Anthony Franklin, founder and CEO of fibodo, said: “Exercise is essential to a healthy body and mind, and access to accurate and tailored advice from a qualified professional, wherever you are, cannot be underestimated. fit4thefight gives Parliament Hill’s 4 million- plus members access to the types of training they need to stay active, while they cannot go to the gym, or take part in their usual fitness routines.

“This partnership will enable those in its over 90-member organisations, across industries, such as healthcare, professional services and construction, to maintain their fitness during lockdown. We expect that more than 80% of people exercising during the lockdown, will continue that trend as restrictions begin to ease.”

Kyra Ingrao, associate director, marketing and partnerships at Parliament Active, said: “We’re pleased to add fit4thefight and fibodo to our benefits portfolio, and offer broader access to fitness training to help during lockdown, and as we progress into the next and future phases of lockdown. The health and wellbeing of our clients, clients’ members and the Parliament Hill team have never been more important. We’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve our offering, and fit4thefight and fibodo do just that despite the testing times and pandemic. Users of the platform and app will have even more motivation to keep moving and stay active throughout the year.”

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