Forget expensive chocolates & flowers this Valentine’s day

Kamorii urges lovers to cut loose from traditional Valentine’s Day gifts and invest in something far more beneficial to our intimate relationships.

“While we should all embrace the spirit of Valentine’s Day to the fullest, there are far more enduring ways to celebrate this festival of love. Kamorii encourages couples to take positive steps to improve their intimate relationships and learn more about their partners’ bodies and desires.” states Kamorii founder, Julia Akers.

By accessing the wealth of sexual techniques available on, Julia envisages that couples can put their Valentine’s evening to far better use than simply splashing cash on momentary gifts.

Julia adds “Why spend so much on unfairly price-hiked dining and roses once a year, when lovers can relish in far more thrilling and lasting adventures? Use this day to begin the journey of creating memorable moments that come in use for whole year and every year thanks to the countless activities you can try with”

For couples feeling fruity, one trip to the supermarket is all that is needed. reveals suggestions for bringing out the berries, with one’s partner becoming the serving dish. And for the kink-inspired? Rather than buying a dozen red roses, why not buy some red latex stockings for the same cost? Kamorii’s Kinky Time Guide, written by Maya Liyer, a professional London-based dominatrix, has everything couples need to get started on a new and exciting kink-filled journey.

Stepping out to a swish restaurant can leave us lacking the energy to do anything but fall asleep when we arrive home. Kamorii’s Tantric Sex Guide, again written by an expert in the field, offers you a whole suite of tantric activities to try out on Valentine’s Day. These activities will deliver a far more treasured night indoors and will gift you whole new insights into your partner, setting you on the path to deeper sensual pleasures for the future.