FORMER X Factor star Katie Waisell says undergoing PTSD therapy has helped her to perform again for the first time in a decade.

FORMER X Factor star Katie Waisell says undergoing PTSD therapy has helped her to perform again for the first time in a decade.
Katie, 36, also said she started writing a new song, called Believe, after taking inspiration from her four year old son, Hudson.
She told GB News: “I am a classically trained pianist. I started writing songs when I was 14 years old. Recently I found the courage through PTSD therapy to get a piano for my home again, because it’s been such a long time.
“My son Hudson and I often do carpool karaoke. I like to speak about music in the car on the way to school and during the holidays. We were speaking about who we’re celebrating with and how there are some family members that are no longer with us. I said, ‘it makes me sad’. And my son said, ‘Well, no, if you just use your imagination and you believe in magic then then they can be here with you too’. And that’s what sparked the song.”
Revealing her emotion at finally feeling ready to release music again, she said: “I’ve not performed in a decade. Thank goodness for PTSD therapy, because if it weren’t for that, I don’t think I could have ever found the strength or courage to do that. It’s taken a lot. I hope it may be an inspiration to anyone that feels like they can’t get over a hurdle. If you absolutely allow yourself to put in work from a mental health standpoint you can overcome anything.”
Describing the process she went through when she wrote the new song Katie added: “After my son and I had that conversation, I just started tapping the steering wheel. We were just making a song as we went along. I started to cry. I was thinking why am I crying? To be fully transparent, because it’s just myself and my son and I’m a single mum I can get so afraid, especially with my health issues. I am often thinking about what would happen? What would he have? And I often get overwhelmed and emotional about it.”
Kate who came seventh in the seventh series of X Factor recently revealed how she’d suffered a heart attack.
In an interview last year the singer-songwriter said she felt like she was “falling apart” in the aftermath of the incident.
It exacerbated her post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which often renders her too scared to leave the house.
There are ongoing investigations into what caused the attack, although doctors suspect it could be a side effect of long covid.
Last month Katie spoke out following the death of her grandmother Sheila Vogel-Coupe at the age of 93.
Sheila, who was famously revealed as a mature escort and openly worked as a £250-an-hour prostitute until the Covid pandemic struck, was sadly diagnosed with dementia.
Katie said in an Instagram Live: ‘I have been made aware of the news about my 93-year-old grandmother passing away. It is understandably a sad and sensitive time. It’s a very sensitive subject to be made public unbeknownst to any of us.On her relationship with her gran, the former Celebrity Big Brother housemate continued: ‘I never had an issue with what she did. I had an issue with the fact I messaged her and said grandma, “we will work through this as a family”.
‘The next day she said I ruined her life as a prostitute and a porn star on national TV at the height of my vulnerability after we had spoken about it by text message.
Katie added: ‘I am not going to sit here and say I am heartbroken, I am heartbroken but I am more heartbroken that 12 years on that said people, be it a family specific member, are making it public.’

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