Grandparents to spend 250+ hours looking after grandchildren this summer – Vanessa Feltz reveals how to make it easier & cheaper!

This summer, grandparents across the UK are set to spend an average of over 250 hours looking after their grandchildren, research from reveals*. Nearly 60% (58%) of British grandparents will look after their grandchildren this summer, typically looking after between 2 and 3 children each**.

Whilst most grandparents agree they enjoy getting to see their grandchildren grow up when they’re younger (64%), and that it strengthens their relationship with their own children (55%), providing childcare can come with its challenges when deciding how to entertain little ones.

Railcard has partnered with Grandmother, English television personality and broadcaster Vanessa Feltz to show how easy it is to entertain grandchildren this summer with simple train trips. Grandparents can use a Railcard to save up to ⅓ off all rail travel this summer and the Days Out Guide website has hundreds of activities where rail passengers can get 2FOR1 on some of Britain’s top family friendly attractions.

TV personality and broadcaster Vanessa Feltz said: “Choosing to take the train with my grandchildren is not just a means of transportation, but an exciting activity in itself. It’s something we all enjoy and look forward to doing together.

That’s why I’m thrilled to be partnering with Railcard this summer to showcase how easy it is to save on childcare activities and find new ways to make train travel an engaging experience for both fellow grandparents and grandchildren.”

With almost a quarter (24%) of grandparents choosing to take the train and on average travelling up to 25 miles with grandchildren or to visit them, a Railcard is the perfect way to save on every adventure with 1/3 off on rail travel by purchasing one of 9 different Railcards available from

At just £30 for one year, the Family & Friends Railcard gives ⅓ off for adults and 60% off for kids when travelling as an adult and child, up to four adults and four children. As 27% of grandparents state they will be with their own children when they look after their grandkids, the family & friends Railcard works perfectly to cover all those travelling.

For more great offers and to purchase your Railcard today, visit

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