DEFENCE Secretary Grant Shapps has claimed that Labour are planning to raise taxes to the highest level ever known.

He told GB News: “He gives us a very wide range of things that we need to warn about, with Starmer. Not only backing Corbyn twice to become Prime Minister, then he seems to have dumped those things, or has he? We just don’t know.

“He’s also coming after your taxes, he’s coming after your home, your job, your car, your pension, all of which are areas of taxation they have not ruled out raising.

“We know about the £2,094 that they intend to raid of every household budget. Yesterday we had their health spokesman say on TV that’s just the start of it, it’s not all in our manifesto. So we know that they’re hiding stuff as well.

“There is a lot to be concerned about, Starmer is the only other person who could conceivably walk into Downing Street and they are planning the highest taxes this country will have ever known.”

He continued: “All our tax cuts, £17 billion for hard-working people are fully-funded. We’ve said exactly where that money will come from, some of it from tax fraud, some of it from making sure that we don’t allow the welfare budget to continue ballooning as it has post-Covid.

“We’ve actually set out precisely where we’ll get the money from. Not so when it comes to Starmer’s Labour manifesto that contains implicit tax rises on your home, on your job, on your car, on your pension.

“If you want to avoid those taxes, then you need to do that by voting Conservative, or if you believe Labour are going to win the you need to start saving now, because this is going to be a miserable five years ahead with them raising taxes to record levels in this country.”

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