Greensleeves unveils new brand identity, logo and website to support growth

Greensleeves Lawn Care, the UK’s number one trusted lawn care provider, has launched a new brand identity and website to reinforce its position as a leading voice in the UK’s lawn care market. The new branding is now being introduced throughout the network of 100+ locations and is designed to represent the core values of the business – trust, quality and exceptional customer service.

The comprehensive rebranding work, the first in Greensleeves’ 25-year history, completely refreshes the franchise’s visual identity and builds on becoming the largest lawn care provider in the UK, while continuing to put the customer at the heart of the business. The new branding, which includes a new logo, colour scheme, typography and graphic elements, is reflected on the new website, social media presence, marketing materials, van livery and uniforms. The new logo, which builds out the core green colour, now looks cleaner, fresher and more modernised, while maintaining strong brand recognition.

The consumer website has also been redesigned to improve user experience and engagement for customers and franchisees. As well as being more visually appealing, the website is more user-friendly to increase customer enquiries, increase conversion rates and generate more leads for the franchise owners. New customers will have the ease and convenience of receiving new quotes quickly, signing up immediately and providing lawn measurements for accuracy and to save time.

“We’re thrilled to unveil a series of exciting plans in 2024, marking the onset of a dynamic and innovative phase for Greensleeves,” said Cheryl Harper, Managing Director of Greensleeves. “Our vision for this year is not only ambitious but also deeply rooted in our commitment to growth and evolution, ensuring that Greensleeves continues to be at the forefront of lawn care service providers. In our mission to reach and serve our 80,000+ customers across the UK, we have carefully designed and developed our new website to streamline the service experience. This digital platform is tailored to ensure ease of access to our services for everyone, whether they are new or long-standing customers, reflecting our commitment to convenience and customer satisfaction.”

Greensleeves worked collaboratively with an external agency partner and in consultation with its Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) to ensure the new rebrand met the needs of their customers and their franchise network. This extensive partnership involved workshops, focus groups, and market research to gather valuable insights and feedback from their franchisees, creating a rebrand strategy that was both fresh and grounded in real-world application.

Chris Dibble, a member of the FAC and franchisee for Greensleeves Tunbridge Wells, added: “This investment in the brand is a huge step forward and will give the franchisees a fantastic set of tools to make 2024 the best year yet. The new designs look great, and they help make the brand stand out. The website is going to make it easy for customers to book treatments for their lawn, which can only be a good thing for customers and franchisees alike.”

Cheryl concludes: “We have kickstarted the year on a high with the rebrand and new website, but this is just the first of many to come this year. These new changes have been well received by the franchisees, and we are now delighted to move into 2024 on such a positive and reinvigorated path. Our new slogan ‘The UK’s number one trusted lawn care provider’ reflects our customers’ 5-star reviews on Trustpilot and encapsulates our ethos and our promise to our customers to be a leader in the lawn care sector. With the rebrand now implemented across the network, we can now focus on the continued growth of Greensleeves.”

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