Happily, Ever After: T-shirt and shorts the new ‘nude’ for a happy relationship

A new study has revealed that a desire for further comfort and relaxed routines has led to wearing a short pyjama set in bed the key to a happy relationship.

With the hurdles and pressures of the past year, many relationships have gone through ups and downs from spending more time with each other than ever before. Extra stress though can often cause problems in the bedroom with some completely losing their libido*.

Despite birthday suits previously being the preferred bedroom attire to keep a relationship alive, an enforced slower way of living has made us turn to more comfortable outfit choices.

The research by luxury bedroom retailer, The French Bedroom Company, polled 1,001 Brits to find out what the differences are between what we want our partner to wear, and what we like to wear to bed.

The findings are good news for many with striking similarities as 29% say they wear t-shirt and shorts in bed and 33% want their partner to do so too; this is preferable to the quarter who sleep nude.

Despite 14% wishing their partner would wear lacey or sexy underwear in bed, when it comes down to it, the majority just want their partner to feel comfortable with many commenting “whatever they are comfortable with”.

Hannah Pritchard, 28 from Leeds said “When my partner and I first got together we always used to sleep nude, but now we much prefer being comfortable in t-shirt and shorts. Especially since lockdown – comfy pyjamas make us feel more relaxed and separates our work and bedtimes.”

Commenting on the results, relationship expert Chris Pleines from Dating Scout explains “being nude is something many people are afraid of: no fabric to protect the other one from seeing your body as it is with its imperfections.”

“T-shirts and shorts are usually loose-cut and therefore provide an amount of flexibility that lets you stretch, twist and turn at night during sleep.”

A full length set of pyjamas is worn by nearly a quarter (24%) in bed and 22% want their partner to wear them. Increasing in interest by 78% compared to the same time last year, matching sets of pyjamas are becoming popular as an alternative to lounge wear for the extra time we’re spending at home.

Chris explains “People simply like putting PJs on as a ritual: the day is done, you put your pyjamas on and make your way to the bathroom, maybe read a book and get ready for bed.”

Chris recommends “Colours are proven to have different psychological impacts on a person, and this applies to how you perceive your partner too. If your partner wears pyjamas in an intimate colour such as red, it may arouse in one way or another. If the same pyjamas are a neutral colour like white, they likely won’t react in the same way”.

Younger generations are more likely to choose pyjama sets with 18-24-year olds preferring t-shirt and shorts (50%) or nighties (35%) and 25-34’s preferring full length pyjamas (29%).

When it comes to turn offs in bed, of those polled, 96% really don’t want their partner to wear socks in bed and 93% hate when their other half wears an old scruffy t-shirt. Nighties are also a turn off with 82% not wanting to see their partner wear one in the bedroom.

What do Brits want their partner to wear in bed?

T-shirt and short pyjamas – 33%
Nude – 31%
Full length pyjamas – 24%
Nightie – 18%
Pants – 16%
Lacy or sexy underwear – 14%
Lingerie – 13%
Bra – 9%
Old scruffy t-shirt – 7%
Socks – 4%

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