How To Set Up A Five-A-Side Football Team

Football can be a great way to stay fit while having fun. It’s perfect for casual players as well as those who want to hone and improve their skills while having a great time.

It can be great fun when played with friends or family. You can be as relaxed or as competitive as you like – though you should make sure your teammates are on the same page!

So here are a few things you should know when setting up a five-a-side team.

Choose Your Team Carefully

Five-a-side can actually be anywhere from four to seven players. If you have a casual game, it can be any number really. If you want to make the game a regular, set practice then it’s best to choose your players and stick with them.

Who you play with is down to personal preference but generally speaking, you should choose people you’re comfortable with and who are roughly the same skill level as you. Talk to your friends, relatives and co-workers to see who might be interested.

If you are all beginners, then this can be an excellent way for you all to get fit and have fun.

Where Will You Play?

Finding the right place to play is essential. Most people who play casually opt for a kickabout in the park. You should make sure that you give other park users plenty of space and keep control of the ball. Also, be on the lookout for dogs and children who might want to join in the fun!

If you’re planning to be a bit more serious about your match, then you could consider renting a sports field. This way, there will be no interruptions, and you won’t have to worry as much about keeping the ball close.

There are lots of football pitches around the country you can choose from. You should make sure that wherever you choose, it is convenient for you and your entire team.

Commit The Time

This is vital for ensuring the success of your five-a-side team. You should think seriously before you decide to join or form a team. This will be a weekly commitment that will ideally continue for some time. Make sure you’re up for getting muddy and wet in the rain and devoting one or more evenings a week to the game.

It’s also worth making sure your teammates are all on the same page about the level of commitment too. You should all agree to a rough amount of play you can commit to each week and do your best to stick to it.

Get The Right Kit

You will need proper sportswear no matter how competitively you’re planning to play. Good quality football boots are a must to prevent you from slipping on the grass, especially in rainy weather.

You should wear proper sports shirts and shorts, and if you want to go that extra mile, you could consider national soccer team jerseys for you and your team. Make sure to choose a reputable seller like Soccer Box for buying official, high-quality football kits.

This can be a great way to get into the football spirit for you and the whole team – and will come in handy when the World Cup rolls around!

Focus On Tactics

Once you’ve been playing for a while and got some idea of your team’s strengths and weaknesses, you can start to focus on tactics. This is vital if you want to play competitively and enter a league at some point.

You can find plenty of guides out there to help you shape your team’s tactics. This is totally dependent on your team and is individual to each player and group.

Do some research and find the tactics that will work best for you and your team.

Decide On A League

If you want to get serious about your five-a-side, you can enter into a local league.  It’s best to get a feel for how you and your team play together before you enter anything competitive.

Once you’re sure your team is up to the task, there are plenty of local leagues around the country to choose from. These come at all skill and expertise levels, so you’re sure to find the best league for you and your team.

Joining a league can be a great way to commit to your team and game.

Have Fun!

Five-a-side football is intended to be a great way to have fun. Always try to keep this in mind while you’re playing. Ultimately the goal is to get fit and bond with friends and family while enjoying the beautiful game. While leagues can be competitive, it is essential not to lose sight of why you’re playing.

So, try not to let the competitiveness get too harsh and enjoy yourself.

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