Hydrate Break: find the right words this Valentine’s Day

It can be difficult to put your true feelings into words – especially when it comes to confessing your love for someone! If you’re struggling to articulate yourself this Valentine’s Day, Vita Coco has got you covered.

To help you confess your love this year, Vita Coco is installing a number of emergency hydration ‘love’ kits around London so you can take a deep breath, limber up and tell that special person how you really feel.

Break to hydrate

  • A carton of Vita Coco Pressed to overcome your dry mouth
  • Some refreshing mint gum to prepare you to pucker up
  • A Valentine’s Day card to help you relay some romance

You will be able to find a number of Vita Coco hydration ‘love’ kit stations in secret locations across London on Valentine’s Day. The ‘love’ kit stations will operate between 7am-10am, all you have to do is keep a look out for our ambassadors in branded Vita Coco jumpers!

If Valentine’s Day leaves you feeling tongue-tied and nervous, you’re certainly not the only one. To celebrate the day of love and all the mishaps and faux pas that come with it, here are some of the most hilarious and awkward Valentine’s Day stories from across the UK.

Rachel, 29, from Leeds:

“I went on a first date a few years ago and I knew instantly that it wasn’t going to go anywhere, he just wasn’t my type. We had a nice evening and when I asked him if we could go halves on the meal and drinks, he insisted on paying for everything. A couple of days later I was honest with him and told him that I didn’t feel it was going to go anywhere so he sent me his bank details and asked me to pay him for half of the meal and his train ticket!”

Craig, 31, from Newcastle: 

“I was friends with a girl and found out she fancied me, but I didn’t feel the same way. It only got awkward when she actually asked me out and I had to tell her no. I thought we’d put it all behind us and we became friends again and often went to the cinema together. One evening she recommended we go to see a film together and I didn’t think anything of it until my friends told me it was Valentine’s Day and she thought it was a date. It’s been really awkward ever since.”

Lucy, 27, from Harrogate:

“Last year I broke up with my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. He kicked me out of his car and made me walk three miles home alone. Need I say more?”

Laura, 29, Oxford

“I once went on a date with someone who insisted we went on a 2-4-1 deal night (Orange Wednesdays: for those of you who can recall). He then made me split the price of the one cinema ticket! So I stood outside the cinema, awkwardly sifting through pound coins to hand over to him right before our date…”

Charlie, 25, York

“I turned up to a Bumble date only to discover I’d been catfished. Once we sat down for drinks, I proceeded to ‘go to the loo’ – I then snuck to the bar, paid my share and left. It costs to be a catfish!”

Georgia, 19, London

“A friend of mine met her date on the bus home from college and agreed to go out with him. It wasn’t until he expressed his views on the environment that she bolted – he thought that ‘people were stupid for not realising that global warming means that we’re getting closer and closer to the sun.’ No comment.”

Emma and Nancy, 23, Shipley

“My friend and I worked as waitresses at a local restaurant and decided to take two of the pot washers out for a pity date to the local bowling alley. We ended up bowling on separate lanes, as they refused to take the support bumpers down and wanted to print off their scores at the end. Unsurprisingly, we didn’t see them again.”

Naomi, 32, Sheffield 

“My boyfriend of ten years completely froze me out one Valentine’s Day and didn’t give me so much as a card. It wasn’t until the following evening, when he proposed to me at dinner, that he told me it was all an act to wind me up. I think it’s safe to say it worked!”