Inbetweeners at work: How much would Will, Simon, Jay, and Neil earn in real life?

10 years on since the series finale, The Inbetweeners have released two films grossing over $60 million, leaving fans to ask, “will the famous foursome ever return?”. Until then we can only wonder what the characters would be up to now.

Fortunately, the experts at have made it their mission to find out, asking 2,113 fans where they believe Simon, Will, Jay, and Neil would be in real life if we mapped out their career paths. Potential jobs were extracted based on what the group studied at school, as well as their own independent characteristics. The Knowledge Academy then surveyed super-fans to determine Will, Simon, Jay, and Neil’s most likely profession.

Once the jobs had been finalised, The Knowledge Academy were curious to discover which character would earn the most, and who would be earning the least. Using job search engine sites, they found out the average salary for each chosen role.

How much would they be earning?

Character Job Title Average salary (£) Average salary ($)
Will MP  £79,468 $99,370
Jay DJ £51,864 $64,853
Simon Accountant £32,492 $40,629
Neil Nightclub Dancer £17,164 $21,462

Their jobs explained

Will McKenzie – MP

After travelling around Vietnam trying to get over Kate and erasing the memory of his mum’s engagement to Mr. Gilbert, fans think that Will would have pursued a job as an MP! This is due to his posh ‘briefcase w****r’ nature and studying politics at A Level.

Notable Characteristics: principled, clever and has a strong moral compass.

Jay Cartwright – DJ

Following the events of Inbetweeners 2, Jay the notorious fibber, is now likely to be pursuing his dream as a DJ after mending his broken heart in Vietnam with the gang. We like to think Jay is DJing in Magaluf’s BCM and Malia’s Candy Bar Club attracting lots of female attention.

Notable Characteristics: confident, passionate, and spontaneous.

Simon Cooper – Accountant

Simon is thought to have followed a more mundane career as an accountant. He was one of the most intelligent out of the four and showed a slightly more mature approach to the job industry.

Notable Characteristics: mature, smart, and level-headed.

Neil Sutherland – Nightclub Dancer

Lastly, fans were led to think that ‘nice guy’ Neil followed Will around Vietnam and finally settled as a nightclub dancer, either abroad or in the UK all thanks to his great dance moves.

Notable Characteristics: positive, charismatic, and friendly.

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