Internationally Acclaimed Artist, Janice Sylvia Brock of Alderley hosts the Wonderful Women Dinner

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Professional artist, Janice Sylvia Brock, whose work changes hands for nearly a quarter of a million pounds and hangs in the White House, hosted a Wonderful Women Dinner last Friday, with typical generosity and respect for the efforts of others.

Janice, who has been disabled by Still’s Disease (a very aggressive form of arthritis), has battled the condition throughout her life. Through annual operations and a daily cocktail of drugs she continues to produce art which is vibrant and full of joy, from her famous ‘big-bottomed gals’ in Barbados to her new collection inspired by Modigliani; ‘Oval Faces’. She has spent the last four and a half months painting four huge murals as a commission by the Nirvana Spa in Sindlesham, grasping the brush between her two crippled hands and working from a gantry to reach the vast expanses of wall that was her canvas.

Despite being internationally acclaimed and having work displayed at the Saatchi Gallery, Janice’s focus remains resolutely down to earth and four years ago she set up the annual Wonderful Women dinner and awards to honour the ladies she admires. Janice explains: “This dinner is to honour both professional and non-professional women who make a difference. We have pastoral workers, teachers, fellow artists and therapists. Anyone who puts in the hours to change lives. Our membership is growing all the time.

“This year’s winner is June Roscoe (pictured next to Janice in the gold skirt) who has modelled since the age of 18 and is a great example of a mature working woman. In spite of her busy career, June does incredible work within the local community and will be taking the Wonderful Women trophy home for twelve months.”

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