Introducing Handcrafted Luxury French Macarons Brand – TREAT ME SWEET CO

Welcome to Treat Me Sweet Co! The luxury French macaron heaven for artisanal macarons selling nationwide. Delectable, dainty, utterly irresistible macarons. Enjoy the sweet side of life!

Handmade in London and naturally gluten-free, organic, plant based ingredients every irresistible batch is whipped up and perfected by talented baker Senda El Kardali. Filled with deliciously interesting frosting and filling, ingredients like organic fruits, dried flowers, nuts, herbs and spices, so one is never enough!

Treat Me Sweet macarons bring fun and joy to any occasion, they are as delicious as they are beautiful. Every macaron that leaves the TMS kitchen is artfully inspired and packed with a flavour. From Arabesque Jasmine to magical Matcha Tea, or ones decorated with gold platter paint, sprinkles and metallic accents. Prepare to fall in love with these colorful delights. Available in modern hues and innovative flavors, they’re perfect for weddings, hen parties, corporate parties, premiers, festivals, events, kiddie parties, personal parties, and so much more. TMS design personalized macaron gifts for clients, friends and family. Sure, custom macarons are the perfect conversation-starter at any event! The bespoke macarons are fully customisable and can be whipped up in any shape, hue or flavour.

Entrepreneur & baker Senda El Kardali says, ‘It’s hard to put into words, because our philosophy is more like a feeling. It’s that feeling you get when you remember something long after you’ve forgotten it. At Treat me sweet, we bring the magic to life through our delectable macarons from passionate maker.

We hope your Treat me sweet experience awakens your inner child, reminds you how much there is to be thankful for and inspires you to find the rabbit in your hat. Because that, my friend, is where the magic happens.’

Treat Me Sweet Co is constantly imagining new flavours.  The brand works with local suppliers to source the freshest, finest and most authentic organic ingredients, besides uses old-fashioned techniques to ensure the highest quality. Treat Me Sweet’s goal is to make your taste-buds happy! Super delicious and stylish macarons has never been this tempting.

Customised treat boxes creating the perfect treat include the following dynamite pieces. Indulge in these pretty baked shells bursting with creamy ganache in a rainbow of hues and flavours.


  1. Silican Pistachio
  2. Matcha Tea
  3. Lemon Curd
  4. Strawberry Cheesecake
  5. Cannoli
  6. Mint Julep
  7. Raspberry Madness
  8. Lavender
  9. Chocolate & Sea Salt Caramel
  10. Roses & Roses
  11. Most Passion Fruit
  12. Arabesque Jasmine
  13. Chocolate Gingerness


Senda is also working in her kitchen for two more treat boxes, flavours with cocktail based and superfood- fruit based Macarons in the pipeline.

Products are available to purchase via website.