Introducing singer-songwriter Basil Panagop

Based in Berlin, Basil Panagop is a singer, songwriter, record producer, and clothing designer. The
multifaceted artist’s debut offering La La Land is a beautiful collection of songs all centred around a common
theme of nostalgia.

Named after a game he, his sister, and his two cousins would play in the backyard, this youthful sense of
fantasy and adventure flows throughout the nine track project. Lead single “Moulin Rouge” is filled with woozy
synths and soft piano melodies, with Basil’s soft vocals twinkling against the delicate soundscape.

“La La Land was my way of dealing with homesickness. My thought was that if I could recreate the moments
and people that made me who I am today through storytelling and song, I would be able to visit them whenever
I wanted”, Basil explains.

Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, Basil moved to London in the spring of 2018 to pursue a career in music.

Inspired by the city’s sprawling urban landscape and brutalist architecture, the young artist formulated the
ideas that would eventually become his debut solo project. Growing up listening to an array of music ranging
from Annie Lennox to Outkast, Basil pulls threads from this diverse collection in order to build a rich tapestry
of his own.

La La Land conjures memories of youthful bliss and intimate family relationships – taking the listener on a
fantastical journey through Basil’s mind eye.

La La Land is set for release August 14th, alongside his clothing line intrnit.

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