John Lydon releases first art collection

Music icon John Lydon has released his first art collection, featuring five original paintings.
Available worldwide, the leader of Public Image Ltd (PiL) and frontman and lyricist of Sex Pistols, has enjoyed a lifelong fascination with art and began to paint at an early age.
His original works, which have been reproduced as high-quality Giclee prints, each limited to 500 numbered copies, point to key moments in his recent history and will be familiar to fans of his band, PiL, and readers of his most recent book, I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right.
Among the collection is Hawaii, a personal yet universal tribute to his now-late wife Nora Forster that will resonate with many. End Of World, which he created as the cover of the most recent album from PiL, which was released in 2023.
There is also What The World Needs Now…, which was painted in 2015 for the last PiL album, as well as the striking artwork I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right, which depicts scenes from his own childhood, in London, along with images of The Blitz in the background.
The collection is completed by original artwork from This is PiL featuring “the Buffalo of Freedom”.
Lydon has long painted and created collages, though his collection of five limited edition prints, which are all hand-signed by the artist, is the first to be made available to the general public.
John Lydon said: “These are my words, coloured in pictures, as I see them. These are pictures of the world, the colours are the words meaning. I hope you understand.” Copies are available from, priced £100 each, plus postage.

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