Jonathan Sothcott has his say on alarming rise of London knife crime

We thought 2017 is the year Jonathan Sothcott would make tens of high octane thrillers it would now seem the famed producer plans to make a run for No.10 Downing Street!

Just last month the prolific film producer won praise from fellow industry veterans after standing up to Kodi for their involvement in ‘film piracy’ as he branded them as a deterrent towards the profitability of films.

He has now taken aim at the alarming rise of stabbings in London.

He tweeted “11 Londoners stabbed to death in 16 days: ?there MUST be mandatory jail sentences for ANYONE caught carrying knives!”

He further echoed his thoughts, speaking to Essex Lowdown in an interview ahead of the Bonded By Blood 2 screening in London this evening he said:

“One of the things that was important when making Bonded by Blood 2 was to show the grim reality of gang culture and violent crime. Its a horrible, murky world and we strove not to glamourise it in any way in the movie: in fact, quite the opposite.

“These latest London knife crime statistics are just horrific and we simply must have far stronger penalties for those involved. There is no excuse for anyone to be carrying a knife in London and anyone who is should automatically be given a mandatory 5 year prison sentence. This level of deterrent might make people question the consequences of their actions. 11 fatal stabbings in 16 days in 1 city is a terrifying loss of life and I would urge the police, MPs and the Mayor to prioritise addressing this very clear and present danger facing Londoners.”

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