Killer Kids, Clowns and Evil Dolls: The Hours We Spend Being Chased by Predators on Netflix

Serial killers, ghosts, and spiders: many of us have had nightmares about being haunted or chased by these scary creatures.

But have you ever considered how long we spend being chased when our worst nightmares come to life on screen? sought to find out how many hours we spend being chased by movie predators on Netflix. To put the results in context, also compared the hours to the distance between UK cities.

The Results:

The predator that we spend the most hours being chased by are Serial Killers 🔪 🩸. From running into lakes, hiding behind bushes, and climbing staircases, we spend in total 121 hours and 50 minutes running from psycho killers on Netflix. This is comparable to running from London to Edinburgh THREE times or going from London to Manchester SIX times.

Next on the list are Aliens 👽 as it seems we’re chased for an average of 108 hours! Whether you believe or not in extra-terrestrial existence, the fact is that we spend 108 hours trying to escape from these gooey creatures on Netflix. It’s the same as running from London to Birmingham NINE times.

Demonic Possessions 👹 are the third predator that we spend the most hours running from. These dark spirits have the power to make the most decent men and women turn into dark and evil creatures, and we spend 71 hours and 54 minutes running from them on Netflix – the same amount of time we would spend running from London to Birmingham SIX times.

Talking about dark spirits, the fourth predator that we spend the most hours being chased by are Ghosts and Poltergeists 👻 (53 hours and 30 minutes). The number of hours is the same as running from London to Birmingham more than FOUR times.

The team at OnBuy also surveyed 1,560 movie fans to find which predators we are most frightened of.

The Results:

92% of moviegoers voted Serial Killers 🔪 🩸 as the most frightening predator, making the idea of spending nearly 122 hours being chased by them while watching Netflix even more terrifying!

Second are Ghosts 👻, with 87% admitting they are scared by the idea of bumping into the spirit of someone who died or seeing objects moving across a room.

Coming as no big surprise, 86% voted Cannibals 🍗 as the third most frightening predator.

Although Aliens 👽 are the second predator we spend the most time being chased by, they appear last when it comes to the creatures we find scariest (30%).