Local Intergenerational Walking Football Tournament

Intergenerational Friendship Club BuddyHub is bringing people of all ages together with a Walking Football Tournament on Saturday 10th June 2023 from 3-5pm at the Arsenal Hub.

Walking Football is a great way to stay active, improve health and experience some friendly competition. This free afternoon of fun will bring together people of all ages and genders to enjoy friendship and fitness at the Arsenal Hub.

“The Tournament is open to anyone aged 18+ and all genders. It’s an open-arms approach to a game that has seen recent shifts towards more inclusive models” says BuddyHub Organiser Will Taylor. “Football is a social currency. We’re using Walking Football as a framework to utilise the power of sport, and empower friendships whilst boosting physical and mental well-being.”

“Walking Football has been aimed mainly at over 50s who may no longer wish to play the traditional game often due to health related reasons.” Says BuddyHub Founder Catherine McClen, “However this more inclusive model uses intergenerational participation to heighten the social benefits of walking football, whilst maintaining the safety of older participants.” Walking Football player John Carr says: “It must be the fastest growing sport. It’s given me a new lease of life.”

How to Sign Up

Sign up as an individual player or as a team: just register on the BuddyHub Intergenerational Walking Football Tournament event page, now live on EventBrite.com, or call BuddyHub direct on 0203 642 6871

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