London named the most diverse city for foodies, with 123 different cuisine types

New analysis reveals the cities across the world with the most variety of global cuisines, the average costs, and the most popular with foodies

Italian food is the most popular cuisine across the world’s top 50 most visited cities, with a popularity score of more than 10.5 million
Pizza is the meal that dominates, beating out seafood in second and steak houses in third
London is named the most diverse city for food in the world with 123 different cuisines to choose from
Chinese restaurants are the most common, averaging over 10% of city restaurants globally

A recent survey revealed that more than half (53%) of all leisure travellers in 2020 were travelling for the foodie opportunities that came with it, and suggested that food tourism and foodie travellers are keen to learn about and immerse themselves in local culinary cultures and customs.

With over 140 different cuisines available across the world, experts at Radical Storage were keen to find out which of these cuisines are most popular globally with visitors, and whether the local grub is what tourists are hurrying to sample when on holiday.

Analysing data from TripAdvisor for the number of cuisines available, their average popularity, and the average price of a meal across the world’s top 50 most visited cities, it was revealed that London is the most diverse city for foodies. With 123 different cuisines available, the UK capital leads Paris by a mere two cuisines types, and Tokyo by seven varieties.

London’s most popular cuisine type is Indian, with 1,330 Indian restaurants listed for the city. Meanwhile, Indian cuisine was the 12th most popular cuisine overall, with a total popularity score of 1,192,880.

The cities with the least diversity in their cuisine are Kolkata, which features only 54 varieties of cuisine, Venice, with only 47 types of food available, Jaipur (44), Ha Long (30), and Medina in Saudi Arabia, with only 29 varieties of cuisine on offer.

It’s not just London where the local cuisine is not the overall most popular, as the analysis revealed seven cities where the local cuisine was not the most popular amongst foodies.

In Dubai the most popular cuisine is in fact Asian, and in New York, Italian food reigns supreme. The data also uncovered the favourite dish across the top 50 cities, and crowned pizza as the most popular meal with a total popularity score of 3,806,289.

Following pizza is seafood, with foodies giving this cuisine a popularity score of 3,441,098, and steakhouse meals, with a score of 1,340,722.

The cuisine type that appeared the most across all 50 cities was Chinese food. On average, 10.14% of all restaurants in all of the world’s top cities are dedicated to Chinese food, yet this cuisine type only has a popularity score on TripAdvisor of 1,653,739.

Italian is the most popular cuisine type, with a total popularity of 10,581,356 on TripAdvisor, yet this cuisine is the second most common amongst restaurants around the world. Only a few points separate the top two cuisines, with Italian food taking 10.12% of all restaurants across the top 50 cities.

The third most popular restaurant cuisine is Japanese, which has a 5.67% share of cuisines across these cities. American food takes a 5.42% share of restaurants in these cities, and Indian restaurants see a 4.45% share.

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