Moby asks COP26 world leaders to negotiate a Plant Based Treaty

To coincide with the official Plant Based Treaty launch at COP26 Glasgow, international recording artist Moby has called for a global agreement about a shift to a plant-based food system this year at COP26.

In response to the methane emergency, Plant Based Treaty activists will be holding events inside and outside COP26 asking delegates to begin negotiations for a Plant Based Treaty as a companion to the Paris Climate Accords.

The Plant Based Treaty seeks to halt the expansion of animal agriculture and deforestation, incentivise a shift to a plant-based food system by redirecting subsidies, taxes and public information campaigns, along with reforestation and rewilding of land.

Global campaign coordinator Anita Krajnc said, “In the IPCC’s first Scientific Assessment report, the pre-industrial levels of methane were reported at 800 parts per billion, by 1990 they increased to 1720 and are currently at 1900, more than doubling. We are facing 1.5 degrees warming sooner because of the methane emergency. Moby is lending his celebrity status to raise the alarm bells on the looming climate catastrophe.”

Moby’s COP26 statement calling for a Plant Based Treaty:

We face a climate catastrophe and especially a methane emergency.

We need to strike a global agreement about a shift to a plant-based food system this year at COP26.

We are on track to hit 1.5C warming around 2030 and 2C warming around 2040. This would lead to catastrophic climate impacts such as increased heat waves, more intense hurricanes, wildfires, droughts, food shortages, violent weather patterns, sea level rise, climate refugees, coral bleachings, and the ongoing mass extinctions of thousands, tens of thousands and millions of species.

We need to address all three greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. Our biggest chance of limiting temperature rises in the next 25 years is cutting methane.

The Paris Agreement is completely silent on animal agriculture but a third of methane emissions come from animal agriculture.

We can all make a difference. Fight climate change simply with diet change.

So please join me and endorse and support the Plant Based Treaty.

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