M*sturbation for the nation – why w@nking is so good right now

While lockdown rules are continuing to ease, with small social bubbles allowed and pubs, bars and restaurants reopening their doors, abstaining from visiting multiple households is still encouraged to help reduce Covid-19 spreading. To thank those single Brits staying indoors and giving up their sex lives, dating app Badoo has created a series of empowering posters, praising the nation for staying home and wanking!

Research by Badoo – the place to date honestly – found over half (54%) of singles are confused about the rules when it comes to bringing home a sexual partner, with 3 in 4 (70%) worrying about a second wave of Covid-19 and therefore trying to stay at home as much as possible. A huge 75% of singles said they haven’t had sex at all during lockdown.

In celebration of those selfless souls staying home and practicing some self-love, Badoo has collaborated with illustrator and visual artist, Alice Skinner, to launch a collection of cheeky war time-esque posters encouraging the nation to “keep the home fires burning” (i.e. masturbate) until it’s safe to meet and get intimate with who we please. In other words, masturbating could help save lives.

The tongue-in-cheek artwork features rallying slogans such as “Flick For Victory”, “Keep Calm and Carry On Wanking” and “Keep The Home Fires Burning”. Badoo’s collection thanks all those who have sacrificed sex for their country by wanking and hopes to urge those who feel like they might be tempted to meet someone from outside their bubble, to stay at home and give themselves some love. The full collection, along with tips on how to firepower your next masturbation session, can be seen on the Badoo blog, as well as on a billboard outside a busy Hackney pub and posters scattered around East London, reminding the nation to keep the home fires burning.

37% of singletons said they had masturbated more than usual during lockdown – an average of once a day, every week, from March 23rd until now. Yet, despite an increase in masturbation during lockdown, Badoo’s research found that people are having their willpower tested, with 1 in 3 (33%) saying they would be tempted to have sex with someone from outside their household, despite the ongoing social distancing regulations.

Natasha Briefel, UK Marketing Director, Badoo said: “We know being single in lockdown has been tough for many, so wanted to find a fun and playful way to open up an honest conversation about masturbation and solo sex, while saying thank you to those who have avoided temptation to break the rules. We’ve seen lots of great connections being made during this period of digital courtship in lockdown, so want to encourage our users to be kind to one another, chat, meet and date honestly and safely when they’re comfortable doing so.”

Alix Fox, an award-winning writer and broadcaster who specialises in ‘decently indecent’ sex ed added: “Although the limitations of lockdown aren’t quite as tight as they were, in-person sex with a new partner you’re not already bubbling with is still largely off the table (and the bed, and the kitchen counter…). I know a lot of single people are about ready to bust with lust, and desperate to get their hands on someone else’s glands, but right now masturbation remains the safest, most responsible option to get off while preserving your health and protecting that of others. Wanking is, ironically, the best way not to be a wanker. It’s time to – ahem – pull together, and frig for victory!”

“Doing your bit(s) for national wellbeing doesn’t have to be a huge compromise. In some people’s minds, masturbation plays ‘second fiddle’ to partnered activities like penetration and oral; they see it as a not-so-fun consolation prize. But solo sex can be deeply satisfying, as you get to please yourself entirely on your own terms; plus, there are loads of ways you can switch it up to keep it exciting and discover brand new sensations and experiences. Lockdown is a chance to truly get in touch with your body like never before, and upgrade your sexual relationship with yourself.”

Here are five top tips from Alix Fox on how to add a stroke of genius to your next masturbation session:

This practice encourages you to get into the habit of noting and savouring even the most delicate everyday pleasurable feelings, and helps you become more aware of your whole body’s capacity to thrill you…because joy doesn’t only stem from the genitals! For instance, in the shower, pay attention to how the droplets of water feel everywhere from your scalp to your toes; give yourself a mini massage as you dry off with your towel; and take a moment to really enjoy the scent of your daily cup of coffee. Noticing more gives you more to play with and lean into.

Lean your back against a door as you stroke yourself, and imagine someone on the other side, doing the same… If you’re at a stage in dating where you feel confident sexting someone, then this is a great scenario to enact and describe together on the phone.

Masturbating in front of a mirror can be great for building positive self-image, as if you look at your bod when it’s making you feel good, you’re more likely to feel good about what you see. Use lockdown to become a better buddy to your body.

Lots of people save their do-it-yourself delight time for night-time, but there’s something about treating yourself to a personal passion session when you wake that really sets you up for a great day! I like to add a mild exhibitionist edge by opening my bedroom window but keeping the blinds drawn, so I can feel the breeze and hear the world coming to life as I come… GOOD MORNING.

Try thrusting and grinding onto your hand (or a toy), moving your pelvis rather than your palm. A simple change, but an impactful one. I like to move in time to music and have been building a brand new ‘Playtime Playlist’ after I realised that a lot of my go-to sexy time tracks had associations with old relationships and experiences.”