New Technology Signage To Slow You Down On The Roads

Redhill-based signage specialists Messagemaker has unveiled two new LED signs which will be used to improve road safety and reduce traffic speed. The introduction of the new signs follow statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO) which showed that 24% of all UK traffic accidents were as a result of speeding.

Messagemaker, part of the Stocksigns Group, has over twenty years of experience with standard and specialist LED displays. They have supplied bespoke signs to Barclays, Williams F1, London Heathrow, Gatwick Airport , Excel, Tesco, Selfridges and many more.

The new Speed Awareness Message (SAM) and Speed Limit Reminder (SLR) systems, built in the UK, are mounted to road-side posts and alert motorists who are speeding excessively. The SAM systems work by telling a driver the speed they are doing and warning them to slow down. The SLR signs display the speed the motorist should be travelling. By alerting drivers to the speed they are travelling, they will help improve safety and reduce road traffic accidents.

In a study by WHO, it was found that an adult hit by a vehicle travelling below 50 kilometres per hour had an 80% chance of surviving the collision. In comparison, if a vehicle hit an adult at 80 kilometres per hour, there was a 60% likelihood of death. The same study also showed that a 1 kilometre per hour increase in speed would result in a 4 – 5 % higher risk of death.

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