One in Ten Believe Having Better Teeth Would Directly Benefit Their Career as 40% Admit Having a Whiter Smile Would Improve Their Confidence

Leading Dentist and Partner at Chelsea & Fulham Dentist, Dr Imran Sayed, has recently published a national dental survey to highlight how the UK public are looking after their teeth, what services they are using and what aspects of their smile they would like to improve.

The survey showed that millions of people in the UK believe having better teeth would benefit their careers as 1 in 10 of the UK admitted their career has been directly impacted by not having good teeth. The results also showed that nearly two-fifths (39%) of the UK admitted that having better teeth would make them feel more confident.

Recent research from Bupa showed that having good teeth can make people more likely to succeed in interviews and when in a job more eligible for promotion and higher pay. The reverse can be true of bad teeth and they may cost people jobs and chances of succeeding in a role.

The dental survey also showed how the increase in Zoom calls has made people much more conscious of their teeth as one in ten (10%) admit spending hours each week looking at themselves on screen has made them much more aware of how their smile looks to colleagues

Dr Imran Sayed, commented, “ Improving confidence can have a huge impact on an individual’s career and the fact that so many people’s confidence has been knocked due to their smile highlights how important good dental health is.

We have heard first-hand from many patients that improving their smiles has helped build their confidence and helped many of them secure new jobs or even promotions.”

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