PAMPERED POOCHES: British dog’s wellbeing officially put before mums

Britain is a land full of fiercely loved four-legged friends, with a new survey revealing one in 10 are now given vitamins and supplements daily, with over a quarter (21%) taking more than two a day and British mums are more likely to forget their own vitamins before those given to their pampered pooches.

Research* carried out by Sealions, the online-only British vitamin brand, which has just launched its #LikeAMum campaign to help support and inform mums across the UK, found that mothers are leading the way when it comes to ensuring their dogs are fighting fit.

The poll found that one in ten (10%) dogs now take pet friendly vitamins and supplements, with 69% taking at least one a day, over a quarter (21%) taking two or more tablets, and 2% taking four to five tablets a day.

“Some of these statistics are not surprising, says Matt Durkin, a vitamin and nutrition expert.

“Dogs can be one of the most loved companions in the household and their health and wellbeing is paramount. As families across Britain begin to turn to vitamins and supplements even more so as the winter months creep closer, it’s good to see that dogs across the country are also being so well thought of and provided for.”
The research also revealed that busy British mothers are more likely to forget to take their own vitamins and supplements than providing their dogs with theirs. With 64% admitting to putting their pampered pooches ahead of their own wellbeing.

Matt continued: “Mums do play such an important role in any family, and are often the most selfless of the unit, so putting everyone, including the dog first, is not unusual.

“In the last few years pet vitamins and supplements have advanced and now there are a huge range of options for owners to choose from to help bolster the overall health and wellbeing of their animal.

“However, I always warn owners, to ensure they do their research and only buy from reputable and reliable suppliers. Also, to make sure they understand what their much-loved pet might need and could be lacking from their diet alone.

“Even with a well-balanced diet, most dog foods don’t deliver all the key vitamins and minerals your dog needs to maintain good health.

“Supplementing your dog’s diet with additional dog vitamins and minerals can be a great way to add more nutrition to your dog’s food. The right supplements can help improve your dog’s health by aiding digestion, skin health, joint function, heart health and more.”
Many human-first vitamin and supplement brands are now expanding to include options for pets, as the love of all animals in Britain continues to grow.

Matt ended: “Most mums will want to know that everyone in the family is going to be fighting fit heading into the winter months. Pet supplements for joint, gut, skin and coat health are now pretty mainstream, with some brands even supplying products to alleviate stress and anxiety.

“That’s why I am so pleased to be part of the #LikeAMum campaign. We are aiming to debunk health and wellbeing concerns, support time-poor mums with useful, dejargoned tips, advice and information to improve family wellness and celebrate their vital role – and that includes every man and his dog!”

Sealions #LikeAMum campaign can be followed on its Instagram channel and its website. Sealions has a five-strong supplement range dedicated to dog care and health.

Matt guides that anyone unsure of how to use vitamins should always consult a healthcare professional or a vet for their pet before starting any new supplementation.

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