PRINCE Harry and Meghan cannot be trusted and should be banned from the King’s coronation- according to Queen Elizabeth II’s former chaplain.

In a blistering attack Dr Gavin Ashenden said there was a risk the pair would try to pull off a publicity stunt and they should be barred from attending.

Speaking exclusively to GB News he said: “I’m flabbergasted that anybody thinks any good can come out of this. I’m not flabbergasted in the sense that the Archbishop presents himself as having great skills in this area, but I think I’m with William.

“I don’t think Harry can be trusted not to pull off some kind of stunt. After all, he and Meghan depend entirely on publicity.

“And I think before they will be capable of being invited to such a public space they should show that they’ve become trustworthy and I don’t think there’s the time or the opportunity to do that.

“I think the whole thing is doomed.”

Speaking in an interview with Patrick Christys, he said: “I think poor Charles should be a bit more courageous. I think the nation will understand entirely that he has a rogue son and his family is slightly dysfunctional. I’d be far better to have clarity rather than some kind of cosmetic nice patch over the whole thing.

“I think it’s best just best to accept that Harry and Meghan have gone and they go on with the people they can trust who are left.”

Asked about the trustworthiness of the pair, Dr Ashenden said: “First of all, Meghan had no difficulty lying in front of the Archbishop when she said he’d secretly married her a few days earlier, so I don’t think we can set much stall by that.

“And secondly, it will just simply be better if they didn’t come.

“The other problem is, of course, that Harry and Megan have attacked both William’s wife and King Charles’s wife. It’s not just between William and Harry.

“They’ve been very rude to Camilla and very rude to Catherine. So it’s not just a matter of getting William to be more patient and Harry to be more trusting, the whole thing is much more broken than that.

“The problem is, Harry and Meghan have broken every piece of trust you could imagine and they’re really not safe, so I think they should be kept away.”

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