Radun Bakic: “Fashion shows the world who we are and what we want to be”

He has been apart of the modeling industry ever since he was thirteen. He attends a fashion design school, follows trends, and, most importantly, adapts them to himself. He is a part of many fashion stories and will never give up on fashion. Meet Radun Bakic, a young man from Podgorica who, we can freely say, lives in fashion.

He acquired his knowledge of fashion on the runways, but always wanted to learn more, so he enrolled in a school of fashion design.

“Overall, my some foreknowledge for a fashion design-oriented school comes down to my research and watching videos of big fashion houses. So much interest was crucial for me to continue to acquire and upgrade my knowledge through high school. Also, my experiences from fashion shows have, of course, contributed to making this job easier for me to understand, but the world runway is something that cannot even be compared to ours at the moment “, believes Bakic, who sees himself in the future as someone who sets trends.

“I am someone who is already setting trends to a younger population, which follows me in large numbers on social networks,” he says.

Given that he still lives in the Balkans, he is very often faced with prejudices about men who are contributing to the fashion industry.

“People tell me that my combinations are ‘bold’ and I always take that as a compliment, but I really don’t think so. I think my audacity has yet to come to light. What I’m doing so far is just accompanied by some normal dress standards in the world. Prejudices exist and have always existed, but I somehow try not to take them personally, because they are not a reflection of me “,

says the model and a future designer, emphasizing that his fashion expression is supported by people who are prone to affinities like him — futuristic, ambitious, and innovative. However, the biggest support when it comes to dealing with fashion comes from his mother and sister.

He is not ashamed to say that among fashion designers there are those whose career he would like to experience and whose achievements fascinate him.
“Olivier Rousteing is the ONE. He is someone who inspired me and contributed a lot to my style.

He combines incompatible and is very brave. He even liked my picture in his design, which means that he likes the way I packaged it all “, says Bakić.