Revealed: The most mispronounced words by Brits of 2022

With the end of 2022, the language learning marketplace Preply have analsyed the most mispronounced words of 2022, according to “how to pronounce” searches in the UK.

How to pronounce Gyros? – 2,400 searches a month

The most mispronounced word of the year is in fact a Greek dish called Gyros. This dish consists onmeat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, then sliced and served wrapped or stuffed in pita bread, along with ingredients such as tomato, onion, fried potatoes, and tzatziki.

The actual pronunciation of Gyros is YEE-ros

How to pronounce Siobhan? – 2,400 searches a month

Siobhan joins the list as joint first, and is the most mispronounced name of the year! Siobhan is a female given name, of Irish origin, and is often seen with an acute accent above the a (Siobhán).

The actual pronunciation of Siobhan is SHI-vawn

How to pronounce SHEIN? – 1,900 searches a month

SHEIN is the first brand on our most mispronounced list, and is known for its affordably priced apparel, despite its reputation.

The actual pronunciation of SHEIN, confirmed by the retailer, is SHE-in

How to pronounce Nike? – 1,300 searches a month

Nike, the designer sportswear brand, have the age old debate of how to pronounce the brand name.
The actual pronunciation of Nike iis NAI-kee

How to pronounce Qatar? – 1,000 searches a month

The 2022 World Cup has been dominating headlines, and with the competition being held in Qatar, there is a lot of interest in the country for the hugely popular competition, but many are still wondering how to pronounce it.

The actual pronunciation of Qatar is KUH-taar

How to pronounce Van Gogh? – 1,000 searches a month

It’s a debate that many have had, but it appears Van Gogh continues to be a huge mispronounced name, with many searching for the ‘correct’ pronunciation of the surname.

English people say ‘Gof,’ the French say ‘Gog’ and the Japanese say it differently, too. The Dutch pronounce it with a guttural sound ‘Khokh’, with that thought to be the official pronunciation.

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