Jurgen Klopp leaving Liverpool FC was not a hoax.

He told GB News: “I had to double triple check just to make sure that it wasn’t just a hoax, particularly when Liverpool are top of the league and the fact that they’re going so well.

“It’s been November since he notified the board, I believe. Apparently, the club have tried to keep it quiet for as long as they can but somebody, somewhere has obviously leaked it out.

In a discussion during Breakfast with Anne Diamond and Stephen Dixon, he continued: “He’s come clean on it, and it’s come as a big blow for fans across the country.

“I find his sense of humour to be particularly pleasing and his character, and I think everybody enjoys listening to him, including myself.”

He added: “Your family suffers most. There are often times when you’re so absorbed in the game that your wife can be talking to you and you haven’t heard the words she’s said for the last ten minutes. It doesn’t go down well.

“Sometimes you do get lost and consumed completely 24/7 in this job, particularly in the Premier League.

“When you see the amount of people that watch the game and the amount of people that comment on the game, when you’re on that touchline and anything goes against you, you think it’s unjust and it’s very difficult to control yourself.”

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