School’s out for summer: Keeping your kids hydrated and cutting out sugary drinks

With it being the last day of the school term, kids are looking forward to getting out of the classroom and having fun in the sun. However, as the Met Office has predicted a two-week long heatwave at the beginning of August, it’s important to make sure kids are getting enough water to fuel them through the summer. In a survey conducted by Britvic, it was found that 63% of parents struggle to get their child to drink water on a daily basis. Children have fallen into unhealthy habits of running to the store for sugar and additive filled soft drinks, getting their hydration along with copious amounts of sugar. Considering young children have a higher proportion of water in their bodies than adults which makes them more susceptible to dehydration, parents need to find ways of encouraging their kids to consume the water they need without all the chemical nasties.

New refillable water bottle, air up, uses a world’s first in drinks technology to flavour water through scent alone. Using scented pods can flavour the water to an array of different tastes from tangerine to wild berry to kola – all entirely additive, calorie and sugar free. Not only does this encourage children to drink water because it tastes nicer, but it makes the act of doing so interesting and fun, prompting children to reach for their water bottle and keep hydrated.

Hydration experts air up have been questioning the nation on their relationship with hydration and unveiled some worrying answers. Almost half (45%) of the nation confess to only drinking one glass of water a day, with 30% saying they find it boring so don’t drink it often, and only 29% reporting they are trying to drink more water (albeit to no success).

Key stats:

45% (23,152,000) of Brits drink around one glass of water a day
30% (15,701,000) of Brits find water boring so they don’t often drink it
29% (14,814,000) of Brits have tried, without success, to drink more water
37% (16,093,000) are trying to reduce their sugar intake but are struggling to do so due to the alternatives available to them
42% (21,297,000) drink low to zero calorie sugary drinks in an attempt to reduce their sugar intake
36% (17,319,000) agree that in the absence of sugar, they are not entirely sure what is in no added sugar drinks to maintain their sweetness
About Air Up:
Providing Brits with a fun, tasty way to drink plain tap water, air up is a new refillable water bottle with a twist. Did you know 80% of flavour comes from our sense of smell, instead of taste? air up harnesses this clever bit of science, infusing every sip of water from your bottle with flavoured air, offering Brits the sensation and taste of drinking sweet, flavoured drinks while still drinking 100% pure water. Each pod contains natural flavourings and scents that infuse with ambient air to be added to the pure water. These flavours range from Lime and Orange-Passionfruit to Cola and Iced Coffee with ten others in between, improving our sense of health and wellness without sacrificing flavour, truly disrupting the soft drinks sector and British consumption patterns ahead of this health revolution.

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