Software company EKM opens purpose-built, £3.5m office

EKM, the award-winning software company, has moved into its new 23,500 sq ft head office, positioning the company for significant growth.

Located in Preston, Lancashire, the new premises are a culmination of almost four years of designing, planning and construction and represents a £3.5m, self-financed investment for

The headquarters have been custom-built and include a raft of state-of-the-art office technology, an expansive kitchen, rest-and-relaxation area, training and presentation auditorium – and a soon to be infamous slide reaching three stories.

There’s also a floor which will soon house a gym, and a fully-equipped auditorium to be used for training seminars and which will be available to hire to other businesses.

Marc McKeown, head of business development, explained the growth that spurred the move: “EKM has grown a lot in the last 18 months. We restructured our offering to introduce new service level tiers, so that both a small, new-start business and a million-pound operation can both receive the kind of support they need.

“As well as drawing in new customers, we have very good client retention rates. Working online can be daunting for a lot of businesses, but they know they can ring us up and we’re their comfort blanket.”

Marc added: “These new offices help show off what we’re about, it shows that we’re a serious contender in the ecommerce market. Our goal now is to keep growing, adding new features for our customers, to keep being the best we can be and to keep evolving.”

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