Research carried out by healthy recipe box brand, Mindful Chef, revealed that 58%* of those that signed up its service during the pandemic did so IN SEARCH OF A HEALTHIER DIET, with over a third desiring more variety in the recipe repertoire, as mealtime monotony sets in. 

Before Covid-19**, millions of Brits claimed they wanted to eat healthily and do regular exercise, but most felt hindered by their hectic lifestyles.

Two-thirds** admitted to eating ‘badly’ as they didn’t have the time to prepare nutritious food. However, as we approach week ten in lockdown, we are starting to see the benefits of having more time on our hands. With the ‘Joe Wick’s effect’ in full force, the nation finally feels that it has time to make its health and diet a priority.

Giles Humphries, co-founder of Mindful Chef said: “Whilst the importance of a healthy diet is widely recognised, it is clear that a huge proportion of us simply needed a lifestyle pause in order to achieve this. 

By spending such a long period at home, we have had the time we needed to get on top of this as well as to discover new flavours and recipes. We are delighted to have helped the nation discover an easier way to be healthy and a new way to experiment with flavours during this time”

Since lockdown, 65%* of the 8,000 people polled say they’re using the time to discover new ingredients and recipes, with close to a third admitting that they’ve rediscovered the pleasure of cooking. A quarter of those surveyed claim they now spend time cooking with other members of their household and are also enjoying eating more meals together.

*Too Busy to be Healthy, based on a poll of 2,000 UK adults in January 2018

** Based on a poll of 8,000 Mindful Chef customers in May 2020