Many of us have had a favourite boy band at one point in our lives but whether others shared your love for them is a different story. So which boy band are rightfully allowed to claim the title of the most popular boy band of all time?

The experts at Heart Bingo researched and analysed some of the greatest boy bands over the decades and assessed their popularity. Using nine data points, which were given a weighted rank within the algorithm, each band were scored out of 100 to see who came out on top.

Boy bands are producing less music

The study ranked bands from five decades, starting in the ‘60s. The data shows that on average as the decades go on boy bands are producing less music than they once did.

Boy bands from the ‘60s were more likely to top the charts, with their singles more frequently going to number one compared to boy bands from the following decades, with a total of 385 No #1 singles compared to only 63 No #1’s in the ‘00s.

The US has the biggest export of boy bands

The US are responsible for producing the most boy bands, 40 out of the 75 hail from the US with their most popular export being the Backstreet Boys. The Backstreet Boys were also found to be the top boy band of the ‘90s.

The UK produced 26 of the contenders on the most popular list. Westlife, who are set to tour North America for the first time in 2024, were found to be the most popular Irish boy band on the list.

Boy bands from the ‘00s are the most decorated

Although bands from the ‘00s have come out bottom in many categories including number of streams, average score and amount of music released, they are the most decorated decade, winning a total of 336 awards. This number is largely made up by the awards won by Korean band SUPER JUNIOR (171 awards) and Westlife (97 awards), who took the top two spots for most awards won by a boy band regardless of decade.

You can view the full data set here:

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