The Botanist Launches Cocktail Menu Dedicated to Seven Wonders of the World

The Botanist Sloane Square – a bustling social hotspot in the heart of West London – famed for its masterful mixology and seasonal modern European dishes – has launched its Seven Wonders of the World cocktail menu featuring whimsical and tasty nods to the Taj Mahal, Rome’s Colosseum and The Great Wall of China, to name a few.

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image004.jpgThe Taj Mahal (pictured) is a hedonistic mixture of Port Charlotte 10y whisky, Octomor 12.1 whisky, house-made Indian mulled wine syrup, cherry jam, orange juice and grape juice. It perfectly captures the essence and grandeur of its namesake iconic feat of architecture, with a hint of mystery and a touch of sweetness. Served with a Skeleton Leaf, it’s a true masterpiece.

Paying homage to Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue (pictured) and celebrating the vibrant spirit of Brazil, the Botanist mixologists have fused Diplomatico Exclusiva rum and Ron Zacapa 23y rum with banana syrup, The Bitter Truth Aztec chocolate bitters and Angostura bitters. Served with coffee air and a banana chip, one sip transports guests straight to the heart of Rio.
Heading over to Europe and in salute of Italy’s iconic Colosseum, Belvedere vodka infused with Fresh raspberries and Italicus Rossollo de Bergamotto liqueur are mixed with basil syrup, fresh basil and lemon juice for a refreshing taste of Rome. This vibrant drink honours the rich flavours of Italian cuisine and is served with a bouquet of perfume sprayed just before serving – making it a true sensory delight.

Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza has been represented with a complex and exotic concoction of The Botanist gin, Strega saffron liqueur, peach liqueur, Savoia Americano Rosso and The Bitter Truth orange bitters evoking the enigmatic allure of the pyramids.

The final two stops on the tastebud tour feature Mexico’s Chichén Itzá – a spicy blend of El Recuerdo Joven mezcal, chilli, coriander, agave syrup and lime juice. Paying homage to the ancient Mayan city, with smoky undertones, the Chichén Itzá is served with chilli head and is a fiery and adventurous tipple.

With its delicate balance of flavours, the Machu Pichu blends ABA pisco, homemade grape marmalade jam, jemon juice and Joseph Perrier Rosé Champagne, and captures the essence of Peruvian culture and the breathtaking views of the ancient citadel. Served with Vinous Grape, it’s yet another toast to adventure.

The new menu from The Botanist Sloane Square is priced between £16 – £17 and available seven days a week. For more information, visit

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