The Father’s Day toolbox dads REALLY want

This Father’s Day, the humble toolbox has been given a modern makeover – and now the popular gift contains the tools dads really want: everything you need to make a Maple Syrup Old Fashioned.

The iconic red tin may look the same on the outside, but The Woodsman Whisky has decided to give its contents a much-needed upgrade.

Instead of blunt screwdrivers and rusty nails, there’s Angostura bitters and a stainless-steel cocktail stirrer.  Eroded spanners and measuring tape have been replaced with maple syrup and a branded glass. And instead of a claw hammer, there is, of course, a bottle of The Woodsman whisky.

It’s being hailed as the perfect gift for new dads and grandads looking to reward themselves after a long day of DIY – or DI-Try, in some cases.

There will be a limited run available to buy here on Amazon ahead of Father’s Day – only 100 are available to purchase with an RRP of £50 (price includes a 70cl bottle of The Woodsman Whisky).


Kenny Nicholson, Head of Modern Spirits at Whyte & Mackay, said: “Whether it’s gathering dust under a cupboard or put to good use in the shed, we’ve all got a toolbox somewhere in the house.  But this Father’s Day, The Woodsman wanted to equip dads with the tools they really want – all the essentials needed to make a delicious Woodsman Maple Syrup Old Fashioned whenever they want. It’s a lot easier to build than a cupboard, and perfect for rewarding yourself after a long day of DIY.”